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Zombie Skater Dude (CW: Gore) by Sexualized-Goat
Mature content
Zombie Skater Dude (CW: Gore) :iconsexualized-goat:Sexualized-Goat 0 1
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"Here lies the escalator of the skies,
They say it's buried so very far beneath our feat,
That it once soared miles above it's dirty sheath,
It died gracelessly, unteathered in stride,
While life oh so 'benignly' plucked it's feathers,
'Till it seethed any who graced upon it's steps,"
:iconsexualized-goat:Sexualized-Goat 5 5
Bookmark I Drew by Sexualized-Goat Bookmark I Drew :iconsexualized-goat:Sexualized-Goat 7 4 Idolatries by Sexualized-Goat Idolatries :iconsexualized-goat:Sexualized-Goat 5 3


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My Hope
What gives me life? . . . 
I’ve been asking that question to myself a lot lately. Art is always a word that appears but I brush it off because I’ve long since lost the passion that once filled me. Whenever I sit down to illustrate, I lose interest after a few minutes and all I have is a page of generic looking eyes staring back at me, judging me. Me and my lack of passion, love, life. Boiling this down to the fact that maybe I wasn’t meant to be an artist. There were many others who made beautiful characters, far more beautiful than what I could ever create. Even if my brain started working again. Even if I could channel my emotions into colorful pictures without it overwhelming me completely. I know, I’m rambling but the story isn't over yet, so bear with me. 
My therapist, Luna, I gave her that nickname. Not sure if it is appropriate to give your therapists nicknames, I called my previous one Dumbledore. 
If you’re observant, you’ll
:iconmusicianlover18:musicianlover18 7 29



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Owen Larkin
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Sixteen year old musician/visual artist that draws a lot of inspiration from automatic drawings, zentangles, and psychedelic art. Mostly I just treat my art in the same sort of vein as a zentangle; but with loads of faces, oh so many faces. Often when I'm drawing, the picture's gonna be the absolute last thing on my mind because of my ADHD; so that's why there's always so much mindlessness going on. My art does tend to reflect a tad bit about how I think; how I never dwell on a single idea for more than six minutes at most before I go ahead and draw something else, or how I don't take many things that seriously. Oh, and I love making funny faces. It's a thing I do.
So-ahh, yeah. That's a bio.

Here's where you can find my music:


Zombie Skater Dude (CW: Gore)
"Dude, I, like don't know why, but brains sound radical as hell right now. Th-that doesn't sound gay, right?" 

Doodled this guy at school today, I'm pretty happy with how the ears, mouth and wound turned out. This is officially my first zombie, by the way. Think I should try drawing weird characters like these more often? Oh, and this guy's gonna turn into a sticker, pronto. Really need to figure out how to make prints out of all these sometime, might be a neat venture. 

Hope all of you have great days ahead, 'till next time! :D
Hand Made Stickers
Finally got around to making stickers outta my original drawings. Gonna start selling originals like these for a dollar each to people I know in person, so I can recycle all the tiny doodles I would've thrown out otherwise. 
They're fun to make, too; so that's a bonus. :)

(In case you're wondering how I made em' all, you just need some wide packing tape, scissors, wax paper, and double sided tape. Just hold the picture or drawing up, and stretch the packing tape over both sides of it so it acts as a laminant and protects the thing. Cut the tape that's around all the edges, and then get started putting double sided tape throughout the back side of it. Once that's done, just stick it to some wax paper and make sure there's a tiny flap left once you're done cutting it out; otherwise it'll be really difficult pealing off the wax paper when you want to apply the sticker. Hope it helps!)

Hope all of you have/had a fantastic day! :D
Do Colorful Freaks Dream Of Dissonant Sheep?
Colored, as per request by

I'm gonna be getting some double sided tape and wax paper in a few days, so hopefully by then I can get started on making those handmade stickers soon. This guy's gonna be one of the first of em'. I've already made a few prototypes, so I've figured out how to laminate all of them with just some packing tape and a helluva lot of precision. It's starting to seem do-able now; that's for sure!

Hope all you guys have/had a great day! :D 
Do Special Freaks Dream of Dissonant Sheep?
Aaaand, 'tis the third doodle of the day! I don't know where all those cool sounding titles came from; but I'm rolling with it. This title-of course, is a reference to classic literature that I've never read; making me seem much more cultured than I actually am! 
I may as well be holding up a plastic wine glass with grape soda in it, and a two dollar monocle by this point. So cultured. 

(If I were to go about making stickers of my scanned art, how would I go about shipping them to people? Or should I just stick to giving them to people in person, 'cause they'd only really be worth a dollar or two? I'm kinda caught raising another 100 bucks for a musical instrument again. Gear-oholism is such a disease..)

Anyhoo, hope all of you have fantastic days ahead of you! :D


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